All in the Family Business: Columns from the Philippine Daily Inquirer by Queena N. Lee-Chua


Family businesses (Fambiz) constitute anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of businesses in the Philippines, yet many are plagued with problems. In this collection of the most popular pieces from Queena Lee-Chua’s “All in the Family” column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Queena discusses actual fambiz cases, from research and real life, highlighting best practices.

“This is a book which will teach you practical lessons on managing a business. It offers a wealth of ideas on how families can strategize to propel the business, maximize the potential of people and use socio-cultural values to deepen loyalty and ‘malasakit.’ Queena has definitely mastered the art of mixing the exact science of math to the volatility of psychology in sharing these family stories.” — Sandy Prieto-Romualdez, President & CEO, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inc.

ISBN/ISSN: 9789718935392
Language: English
Publisher: Inquirer Books
Author: Queena N. Lee-Chua